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World Textile Day September 20th

Hi everyone, It seems a long time since we put words to paper.  The summer seems to have come and gone since we were waiting excitedly for Art in Action.  Little did we realise quite what excitement there would be with the visa problems keeping us on tenterhooks until the very last minute.  No visas until the wednesday evening and …

khayamiyaWorld Textile Day September 20th

Art In Action

Great time at Art in Action after all the fuss about visas. Nothing like last minute arrivals. It was good to see Hosam and Tarek here in England and they enjoyed being warm in England for a change. Except it did rain once but we were prepared. Lovely to meet lots of new people and show off some great new …

khayamiyaArt In Action
Uttoxeter Blog Khayamiya Tentmakers


Madly in the midst of getting ready for the Tentmakers at British Quilt and Stitch village Uttoxeter next weekend. The house is covered in quilts no room to move!

Happy New Year Blog Khayamiya Tentmakers

Happy New Year 2014

Gosh, Can’t believe the time has gone so quickly. Here we are the first day of 2014 already. We are looking forward to planning our trip to Cairo in a couple of weeks to collect the quilts for the exhibition in Veldhoven in Holland in May. Everything has to be ready for the end of January so we can organise visas and the organisers need a hanging plan by then so it will be really busy.

designhouseHappy New Year 2014
Visits Blog Khayamiya Tentmakers


Well, have had 2 really exciting visits in the last couple of weeks.