The Tentmakers

As you walk down the Chariah-el Khaiamiah, the home of the ‘Tentmakers’ you can see a feast of colours and the most incredible pieces just hanging on the doors and walls assaulting your senses with colour and tempting you to enter and view more.

Here you will not find the usual touts pleading to part you form your money but inside of each shop you will find a friendly smile, a cup of chai and one of the tentmakers sitting crossed legged on a small bench cutting his fabric with huge shears and expertly turning under the edges as he hand stitches his design at a speed we can only admire. The designs are complex and colourful and beautifully executed as they have been from generation to generation.

The men, for they are all men, who work in the street are always ready to stop and share their work with you. Amazing you with their eye for colour and their speed of execution and their minute stitches worked with enormously long needles compared to ours to produce their delightful pieces. We would like to introduce you to some photos of the ‘Street’ – more photos later watch for updates if you would like more information on the street you could watch Kim Beamish’s video The Tentmakers of Chareh El-Khiamiah. Kim is an Australian Journalist and filmaker who has been working with the guys and filmimg over the last year. You can look them up on