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Well things certainly moved quickly after we left Cairo as we knew they would.  We had such a great time visiting with everyone and choosing some new pieces to bring back and to get ready for Art in Action.  Now we just pray they all keep safe, we have heard all is ok at the moment and they are hoping for Egypt to keep on progressing towards free elections and a peaceful just settlement.  The men are still working in their shops and stitching and hoping as is all of Egypt.   In a few days it will be the holy month of Ramadan a time for family and community.  As you can see from the photo all the shops were also getting ready for it with their Ramadan lanterns and foods.  It will be hard this year being in the summer heat without the added complications of a revolution.  However are sure our friends on the street wil be celebrating the Iftar meal together and sharing the wonderful foods, lucious dates and fruits  yummy.  We would wish you all a Ramadan Kareem and especially all our friends in Egypt.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon.