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Well, have had 2 really exciting visits in the last couple of weeks. Jenny’s son Sam, has been visiting Uk on a lecture study tour. It was so good to meet him at last having corresponded lots. had a great visit to Doddington Hall near Lincoln, who believe it or not have a tent, a whole tent, in the tent room. It was so exciting and breathtaking to see it, definitely worth a visit and such welcoming people. You can look it up on their website absolutely fabulous to see this tent lined with wonderful khayamiya. We also visited the British Museum Textile Reseach centre to see their collection of khayamiya a big thank you to Helen and Cynthia for their time and thoughtfulness. We learnt so much. Today has been also a big milestone for John and I as we gave our second talk on the pieces we have and introduced the Aylesbury Vale Embroiderers Guild to the work of the ‘Tentmakers’. It was good to have such an appreciative audience and to introduce our friends in Egypt to a new group of people. It has been a amad mad time since we last visited Cairo in June. Thankfully everyone appears well but it is difficult without visitors and there is still a curfew although a lot better than it was. We are looking forward to better days ahead as we get ready to go to Alexandra Palace for the Knitting and Stitching Show. We will have lots of beautiful work but sadly none of our friends like Hosam or Tarek or Hany will be with us this time fingers crossed for the future shows. However do come and see us when you come, we would be delighted to see you.