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World Textile Day September 20th

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Hi everyone, It seems a long time since we put words to paper.  The summer seems to have come and gone since we were waiting excitedly for Art in Action.  Little did we realise quite what excitement there would be with the visa problems keeping us on tenterhooks until the very last minute.  No visas until the wednesday evening and then when we thought all was Ok only Tarek Arrived with Hosam having to wait until the Thursday to come.  We had a great time back there despite the heat, poor Tarek needed cold water poured on him at one stage it was so hot.  Still it was good seeing old friends and making new ones, especially good seeing Jayne Hollingsworth’s finished pieces she had made after her ‘Tentmaking’ course with Hany at Uttoxeter. What has happened since then : Hosam and Hany have been to Charlotte in the US and we are in the middle of planning an Exhibition in Holland with Tarek and Ekramy.alongside the European Quilt Art Vlll exhibition at the TentesWelle Museum in Enschede near Appeldoorn.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you  on September 20th at World Textile Day in Mundford near Thetford Norfolk, with Magie Relph and Bob Irwin Hopefully we will have some beautiful new pieces for you including some birds. will try and keep this a bit more up to date now.