Art In Action

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Great time at Art in Action after all the fuss about visas. Nothing like last minute arrivals.

It was good to see Hosam and Tarek here in England and they enjoyed being warm in England for a change. Except it did rain once but we were prepared.

Art In Action 2014 - Stand Set Up for rain - Khayamiya

Art In Action 2014 – Stand Set Up for rain – Khayamiya

Lovely to meet lots of new people and show off some great new pièces.  Also good to see Jayne , who brought her pieces she had been making after Hany’s course at Uttoxeter.  The guys were very impressed and she is now an honorary ‘Tentmaker’ with Hosam doing her a special pattern to make up.  We hope to do some more workshops later on in the year and at Art in Action next year.  Getting ready now to update shop so you can buy some of the lovely pieces on line, slow progrees I am afraid but we will try and add a few at a time.

Art-In Action 2014-Stand Set Up -Khayamiya

Next date will be September 20th at World Textile Day with Bob and Magie in Mundford in Norfolk would be lovely to see you there if you can make it.