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Not very good at this blog thing yet so still sorting stuff out. Madly in the midst of getting ready for the Tentmakers at British Quilt and Stitch village Uttoxeter next weekend. The house is covered in quilts no room to move. We pick up Hany next Wednesday at least it won’t be as cold as Paris when it was so cold our faces were frozen we couldn’t even talk to each other after 5 minutes. Plenty to do mean time getting things organised. Just heard Jenny Bowker has received the very prestigious ‘Rajah Award’ for the quilter who contiributed the most in all spheres of quilting in Australia, in recognition for all she has done for the quilting world and both in her own country and outside. In case you didn’t realise it is named after the famous Rajah Quilt which was made by ‘convict’ women on their way to Australia and which I believe now resides in the National Museum In Canberra. For those of you in Australia and don’t yet know the V&A quilt exhibition is planned to be in Brisbane this June worth going if you are definitely interested in quiting. Well done Jenny very much deserved. For those of you who haven’t seen her work or looked at her blog I hope she won’t mind me sharing an image – shopping in Cairo when we went to collect for the 1st tentmakers exhibition in Birmingham. You will need to look at her website to see her wonderful work- www.jennybowker.com