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Happy New Year 2014


Gosh, can’t believe the time has gone so quickly. Here we are the first day of 2014 already. We are looking forward to planning our trip to Cairo in a couple of weeks to collect the quilts for the exhibition in Veldhoven in Holland in May. Everything has to be ready for the end of January so we can organise visas and the organisers need a hanging plan by then so it will be really busy. Looking forward to seeing our friends there: it has been too long since we visited.

The Upstairs Gallery has been taking too much precendence with the Christmas exhibition and now the art teachers exhibition. Some interesting work though so looking forward to seeing it all in.

Need to do some quilting myself now have a couple of pieces to make. One for Uttoxeter Maggie Relph’s Challenge of ‘Buy a Plank’ from Helen Conway’s ‘ No 1 African Fabric shop. Watch this space.

I gather the exhibition in Cairo went well The pictures were great and Hossam and Ekramy worked well setting it up and keeping it looking good. We are also waiting for Kim’s film to be ready this year and may get a preview in Oxford in April. Will keep you posted and let you know as soon as I hear.

One or two other exciting things coming up a bit earlier than that but just waiting for confirmation however if you want to see one of the ‘tentmakers’ in action, Hany will definitely be at Uttoxeter with us this year and Hossam and Tarek at Art in Action in July so put those dates in your diary now. Will let you know other dates as they come and will try and get the shop up and running this year for those who might like to have their own piece of Cairo sunshine. Happy New Year to you all